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Best Places to Buy
Diamond Ring in Australia

Buying Diamond Jewelry and Diamonds in Australia

As a wealthy and developed country, Australia has a strong economy that's one of the very few that was unaffected by the 2008 economic downturn. Its continued growth has been fuelled by its mining exports in particular. It's therefore no surprise that Australia is home to one of the world's best known diamond mines in Argyle, Western Australia.

The country of Australia is also a continent in its own right, comprising of the mailand, the large Tasmania Island, as well as many small offshore islands. It is ranked the sixth largest country area-wise, after Brazil, China, USA, Canada and Russia. Despite its relatively small population of some 24 million people (compared to its area size), this country is ranked as the 12th largest economy in the world.

Woman's hand with a diamond ring on finger
Buying a diamond ring for your woman will show your love
and appreciation of her.

Brief History of Australian Diamond Mines

Australia is home to Argyle Mine, located in the Kimberley region in the far northeast of Western Australia. The Argyle Mine is the world's largest single producer of diamonds. The Kimberley region is also home to Ellendale Diamond Mine, famous for its rare yellow diamonds.

The city of Perth, Western Australia
Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the largest of Australia's 8 states and territories, and a popular tourist destination.

The Argyle Mine has been operating since 1983, owned and operated by Rio Tinto Diamonds company. Since then it has produced over 800 million carats of rough diamonds.

The mine is popular for its pink diamonds, with coloured diamonds amounting to 0.01% of all diamonds produced in the mine.

The third diamond mine was located in the Northern Territory of Australia, that operated for 4 years, 2000-2003 inclusively. It's known as Merlin Diamond Mine, also owned at the time by Rio Tinto Group.

Overall, Australia's diamond exports are worth around $700 million a year.

Where to buy cheap and affordable diamond ring in Australia

These days many couples or soon-to-be-wed couples fly over to Australia to buy their engagement or wedding ring. It's an excellent opportunity to combine business and pleasure in one trip, as Australia is one of the top holiday and travel destinations. It offers numerous options for a great and memorable holiday. Needless to say, wedding venues are available in abundance all over this beautiful large country.

Most travellers tend to come to one of the two largest Australia's cities, Sydney and Melbourne. As expected, this is also where you will find many diamond and jewelry shops, to shop around for your diamond ring.

Heart shaped twin diamonds
One of the most popular gift choices is heart shaped diamond,
or a diamond pair.

Some of the common diamonds that you can find in Australia include:

» Cushion cut type of diamond - This is an antique and classy looking diamond.

» Heart shaped diamond - It's' the most popular type of diamond that dating couples buy as gift for valentine.

» Triangular shaped diamond - Its shape is the biggest due to its weight.

Kimberley's Diamond and Pearls

Nothing is romantic and shows prestige as pearls and diamond rings, both produced in Kimberley, Western Australia. Shop for the best quality of diamond ring in Broome, a beach town with an exciting history. It's a popular tourist and pearling town in Kimberley region. Take a ride from Kununurra to the vast diamond mine of Argyle where world's rare pink in color diamonds are mined. Along the way, you will get to enjoy the landscapes of Kimberley, as enduring and precious as the gems.

Crown Casino in Melbourne at night
Going to Australia to do your shopping for diamonds is an opportunity to visit many of Australia's attractions, such as Melbourne Crown Casino.

Shopping in Australia

Shop until you drop in mega malls, markets and high-end boutiques of Australia. Get to discover new Australian diamond shops in Melbourne's conspicuous lane-ways. Shop up in Brisbane's Queen street mall or in Adelaide at Rundle mall. Perth is the first delivery point of Argyle diamonds and Broome pearls. Darwin city is the capital of Northern Territory and the right place to buy pearls and quality diamond rings from Merlin diamond mine, near Carpentaria gulf.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Here we have over two hundred specialty shops along Bunda Street in the city of Canberra, Australia's capital. There is a lot of fashion, jewelry shops that line the beautiful streets. There are have various shopping centers in Dickson, Belconnen and Woden pimped with pink diamond ring at a negotiable and affordable price.

Byron Bay beach in New South Wales
When in Brisbane, hop down to Byron Bay in the northern
New South Wales for some of the most relaxing scenery,
just an hour drive south from Brisbane.

Brisbane in Queensland

The capital of Queensland state, Brisbane is home to popular Queen Street Mall, one of the biggest shopping centres in the state. Located in the central business district, designed for pedestrians only, with no traffic lights, it attracts thousands of locals and visitors every day.

Adjacent to the mall is Brisbane arcade, full of jewelry and gift shops decorated with elegant terrazzo floors. One can pick up a diamond ring at a very reasonable market price.

For anyone who wishes to look for diamond ring or jewelry, Australia is the best place to source a high quality diamond. All the while enjoy the hospitality and wonderful environment this country offers to locals and visitors alike.


A guest article by Ruby Andrew, an avid reader, blogger and author.

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