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World Diamonds

Countries where diamonds are found and mined or sold

Diamonds industry starts with discovery of diamonds ore, mining it, rough or uncut trading, manufacturing or polishing of diamonds, setting in jewelry, and finally retailing diamonds jewelry and loose diamonds. These are some of the most important diamond centers in the world.

   Diamond Countries and Centers

Best Known Diamond Mines

Best Known Diamond Mines

While Australia, Canada, Russia and South Africa produce most of world's diamonds, there are some diamond mines that are better known than others. These are large mines, unique in their own right.

Amsterdam Diamonds

Amsterdam Diamond Tours

For centuries Amsterdam has been a major historical location for the diamonds industry. It is prominent in worldwide distribution and marketing of diamonds, as well as being a major tourist destination.

Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds Reputation

Considered to be among the whitest diamonds in the world, Canadian diamonds have a strong reputation for quality and integrity, being conflict-free diamonds. There are 4 major diamond mines in Canada.

Diamonds from Brazil

Diamonds from Brazil 

No gemstone investment has been a better one than investing in diamonds. There can be the occasional exception, but it's rare. Tha main reason for this is the diamond industry monopoly.

Diamonds in Australia

Diamonds in Australia

One of the best known diamond mines in the world is located in Argyle, in far northeast Western Australia. It's also home to Ellendale diamond mine, which is famous for its rare yellow diamonds.

Diamonds in Israel

Diamonds in Israel

Hundreds of diamond companies in Israel specialize in all sectors of the diamond trade. they operate out of the Israel Diamond Exchange, which is located in Ramat Gan, near the city of Tel Aviv.

Diamonds in the World

The actual value of polished diamonds market is estimated to be more than 20 billion dollars globally, while diamond sales in Belgium's Antwerp city are over 50 billion dollars annually.

Top diamond producing countries, when it comes to mining, are:

  • Russian Federation 
  • Botswana 
  • DR Congo 
  • Australia 
  • Canada 
  • Zimbabwe 
  • Angola 
  • South Africa 
  • Namibia 
  • Sierra Leone 

These are the most significant countries where the bulk of world diamonds are mined.

Some of the world's largest diamonds have been found in these countries. However, some of these large diamonds have also been found in the countries of India, Brazil and the US.

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