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Buying Diamonds in Israel

How to buy diamonds on Israeli bourse

There are hundreds of diamond companies in Israel, specializing in all sectors of the diamond trade from colored diamonds to special cuts. Such companies operate out of the Israel Diamond Exchange that is located in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv.

Israel Diamond Institute

People are not allowed to enter the bourse, the industry name for the exchange, without an invitation from a company. Therefore it is advisable to contact one of the many companies listed in the Israel Diamond Institute’s directory of Israeli diamond companies. This directory appears on the IDI website, which also offers links to company websites, including an overview of each company. Upon finding a company from which you wish to purchase, the company will guide you through the bureaucracies required.

The city of Tel Aviv, in Israel
Panorama of Tel Aviv, where Israeli diamond bourse is located,
in Ramat Gan city.

No tax is due on diamonds purchased by non-Israelis, but each diamond has to undergo a procedure in the governmental customs department. For convenience’s sake, the customs department supports an office inside the diamond exchange. After completion of this bureaucracy, you can take the diamond with you or use a logistics company to ship the diamond.

Special diamond cuts in Israel

There are numerous special diamond cuts available in Israel, which is known for singular diamond cutting and diamond polishing methods. These cuts depend on the latest styles in fashion, the shape of the diamond and considerations of weight loss upon manufacturing. Special cuts range from emerald, baguette, oval, square, and simply refer to shapes that are not round.

Square cut diamond on a ring
Israel is known for its special diamond cuts that follow
the latest fashion styles

Round diamonds produce the best sparkle of all shapes due to their mathematically optimum design. Such diamonds are available for purchase in the Israeli diamond bourse, as well as diamond jewelry in all sorts of designs. In addition to diamonds and diamond jewelry, there is a wealth of locally manufactured precious gemstone jewelry, set in unique and stunning designs.

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