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Before you go on buying diamonds, be it for investment, gift or as a stored value, educate yourself about the 4C's of the diamonds and follow some tips on how to choose your diamond.

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Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton, b/w photo

Most Famous Diamonds

Some of the most famous diamonds have achieved fame and some infamy throughout history. Our list of the most famous diamonds contained 9 of them. We have recently added another well known diamond to it, including extra info on the Hope Diamond.

Magnifying glass with diamonds and tweezers

Tips for Choosing Diamonds

When selecting a diamond you want to buy, apart from your personal preferences, you need to know what makes diamonds valuable. This involves the 4Cs of diamonds. Learn how each of these values determine diamond's overall value.

An illustration of a cut diamond

Guide to the 4Cs of Diamonds

While there are many factors that have to be talen into account when assessing value of a diamond, the most fundamental approach involves the 4 Cs. This is the carat, clarity, cut and colour of a diamond that determines true value of a diamond.

Buying Diamonds

Buying Diamonds Advice

Diamonds are rightly called precious stones. But do you know how to buy a diamond? Understandably very few people know, so the more you learn about buying diamonds, the better you will know what to look for and how to get a good value for money.

Amsterdam Diamonds

Amsterdam Diamonds

Since the 16th century, Amsterdam has been one of major diamond centers in the world, when Sephardi Jews introduced diamond cutting industry to the city. Today there are a dozen diamond cutting facilities, some of which offer free guided diamond tours.

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