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Bindi Decoration

Bindi Decoration

Usually worn by Hindu and Jain women as forehead marks, they're placed between the eyebrows and make for an attractive body decoration. There's more to it than just placing a mark. Find out everything you need to know about this forehead decoration.

Gift a Signet Ring

Gift a Signet Ring
Buying gifts to your friends and family is usually a bit easier than getting a gift for your fiancée. You have to put some thought into it and even though she'll love what you buy, it's best to surprise her. One of the best ways
 to do so is to gift her with a signet ring.

Diamonds in Israel

Buying Diamonds in Israel

Did you know that one of the best known diamond bourses is in Tel Aviv, Israel? There are hundreds of diamond companies operating there, out of Israel Diamond Exchange. But you have to have an invitation from a company to enter the bourse.

Jewelry Buying Basics

Jewelry Buying Basics

This informative infographic shows the jewelry market from the buyer's point of view. These interesting facts cover why people buy jewelry, when they buy it, and for whom they make the purchase. It also covers key selling periods and if it's a gift or a self-purchase.

Jewelry Buying Statistics

Jewelry Buying Statistics

The same information from the infographic above is explained in words. These jewelry market statistics cover the US segment of jewelry buyers habits, including men and women buying habits of planned vs. impulse purchases.

Signet Ring Types

Beautiful Signet Rings Types

Previously known as seal rings, modern day signet rings are not used as official seals, but instead are worn for their beauty and engravings. There are many types of signet rings that reflect opulence and wealth and are certain to create an impression.

Gold Signet Rings

Gold Signet Rings for Wedding Anniversary

One of best ways to show everlasting affection and appreciation to your spouse is to surprise your loved one with a gold signet ring. It's a timeless anniversary gift that both of you will cherish for many decades. Select best model for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

As one of the more recent newcomers to diamond mining, Canada has quickly developed a good reputation for quality and integrity of its diamonds, being conflict-free diamonds and all traceable and certified by the government.