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Signet Rings Guide

Bearing the sign of the wearer

Signet ring bears some form of sign of the wearer. Hence the name - Signet rings. This sign of the wearer can be the initials, or other personalized design or engraving.

Learn more about signet rings by perusing our guides here that will give you more information about these rings. They also feature some of the available types of signet rings.


Gift a Signet Ring

Gift a Signet Ring

Christmas is always upon us sooner than you think and if you're planning a serious gift for your fiancĂ©e, now's the time. Choose among Signet rings models, made from white or yellow gold, with a pearl, topaz or sapphire stones embeded.

Gold Signet Rings

Gold Signet Rings

A ring is a timeless anniversary gift for couples to cherish it for many decades. For a lifetime of enjoyment and memories, select the best model of Gold Signet Ring. This will surprise and show your everlasting affection and appreciation of the spouse.

Signet Ring Types

Signet Ring Types

Wearing a signet ring creates an impression and shows the wearer's opulence and extravagance. In the past, signet rings were called seal rings and used by wealthy and affluent to sign official documents. Modern signet rings are for extravagant beauty.

Signet rings meaning

In the past the affluent and wealthy would wear the signet rings, which were recognized as official seals. Instead of signature, these rings were used to sign official documents, by making an impression on the wax. No doubt you would have seen this being done in many old movies, particularly those about Roman period themes. Romans in particular were fond of producing various edicts and proclamations, that were signed off by official signet rings.

Nowadays, the signet rings are recognized as things of beauty and even as collectors items. As such they're popular with both men and women and worn for their opulent look and extravagance.

In the second article above you can learn about six different types of signet rings, their desciption and what they're used for.