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8 Toronto Stores to Buy Vintage Jewelry

Where to buy vintage jewelry at retail stores

Vintage jewelry is a collector’s most priced possession. It also complements any outfit that you wear and as an engagement ring you would score highly with your fiancĂ©e. Due to their high demand they are mostly very difficult to come across and if you happen to find some you will have to go through strenuous competitive bidding where you are not guaranteed to win the bid. However in Toronto there are some specific jeweler stores you are likely to find what you are looking for.

Diamonds for less

Passion for jewellery has seen them grow into one of the major jewellery retailer in Toronto, Canada. Being in the business for over 20 years has given them enough experience to fine tune their products to fit individual customer requirement. Besides from this they offer you very competitive prices compared to other stores with their slogan “the name says it all”.

Downtown Toronto, Canada
There are numerous diamonds and jewelry stores in Toronto,
including the ones recommended on this page.

Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Antique jewellery is their main line of business. This alone is an enough guarantee to any customer that they are in the right shop. Besides from jewellery they also have a large catalogue of vintage commodities e.g. dinner plates and serving pieces. This is your one stop shop for all your vintage requirements.

Peoples Jewelers

Having been in the business for close to a century this is a must visit shop when you are in Toronto. There have a unique collection that they have stocked over the years since the store first opened its doors in 1919. They collection include necklaces, wedding rings, bracelets and many more items.

European Jewellery

These jewellery store is an excellent and uncompromising customer service is what first puts them one foot forward. Besides from their 40 years experience, they stock a range of precious gemstones which include emeralds, diamonds, sapphire and rubies.

Europen jewelry store
European jewelry store offers excellent customer service and a
wide range of
semi-precious and precious stones. (Image: Pixabay)

Damiani Jewelers Ltd

One thing for certain is that the number of years a store has been operating will determine how good their collection is. This store was established in 1957 and with over 50 years of business its collection of vintage jewellery is almost unmatched. Besides their offer almost perfect customer experience and also they also offer gold trade in.

Made You Look

This store was recently nominated for Toronto’s best jewelry awards. This shows how highly it is ranked. Besides from offering you a collection of antique and vintages it also has a service to repair your damaged jewellery.


Magwood is purely a vintage store. This store is run by a young lady with magnificent taste for vintage collection. The best part however is the fact that all the jewellery in her store has handpicked personally by her.

Maison Birks

This store boasts of being among the oldest in Toronto. Established in 1879 it boasts of the famous Birks crown vintage which is a collection of priced Vintage earrings, brooch’s, bracelets and may other artifacts.


A guest article by Ruby Andrew, an avid reader, blogger and author.

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