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How to Pick the Right Jewellery for Your Outfit

Guide to matching jewellery with your outfit

Matching jewellery with your outfit in the right way will make your ensemble more appealing and attractive. In a way, your jewellery should complete your look.

There are some things to keep in mind, such as coordinating colours and shapes of your earrings and necklace with that of your top or dress. be also mindful of your skin tone, not to clash with the rest of your outfit and jewellery.

Woman in a dress matching earrings
An elegant combination of light-coloured outfit with matching earrings,
which nicely compliment fair hair.

A piece of jewellery can make or break an entire ensemble. While sometimes, a nice looking necklace can turn outfit up a notch, other times it can look too flashy on you. Therefore, it’s essential you learn how to perfectly match all the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings with what you’re wearing. Check out this simple guide on how to match jewellery with your outfit, and you’ll always look perfect.

Blue necklace on a woman with a gold dress
When you want your necklace to stand out

Statement Jewellery

Every time you want to add a pop of colour to your outfit go for bold jewellery. Tops and dresses with high necklines, would look amazing with a pair of statement earrings. A blue cluster of beads is a great addition to an embellished off-the-shoulder dress. A dress or top with a simple, rounded neckline, call for a chunky or long necklace that will perfectly complement the outfit.

Elizabeth Taylor with jewelry
Classical elegance of Elizabeth Taylor in her early years

If you love multi-layered bracelets, wear them with a simple necklace and a pair of small earrings. Sometimes the bracelets that come together in a pack don’t match your preferences, so it’s better to shop for individual pieces from time to time. Eventually, you’ll create your own combination and be able to match it with various outfits. Additionally, make sure that your sleeves are always above the elbows when you choose to wear bangles, because otherwise your sleeves will look chunky.

Silver necklace worn by a red-hair woman in a yellow dress
Silver necklace beautifully compliments red hair and yellow dress

When you’re choosing statement jewellery, remember never to combine flashy earrings with as colourful necklace. The two will cancel each other out and bring too much attention to your outfit. Therefore, let the neckline decide for you. If you’re wearing a yellow off-the-shoulder romper, go for a multi-coloured collar necklace. A choker necklace is another great addition to an off-the-shoulder top. A simple T-shirt is best embellished with a chunky or lightweight pendant necklace.

Woman wearing an outfit with matching earrings
A well matched outfit with bold earrings compliments the skin tone

Simple Jewellery

When you want to make a statement with your outfit, you’ll go for flashy jewellery. However, if you’ve chosen the outfit with bold prints and loud embellishments, you should opt for delicate pieces. If you pick a sheer geometric top, match it with a stud pair of earrings. Sparkly earrings will be the perfect addition to otherwise plain high-neck dress. A simple long pendant necklace is all you need if you’re wearing a turtleneck.

Woamn wearing black dress with silver jewelry
Classical elegance of black dress with silver earrings
and necklace chain

Short silver necklace would look classy with formal playsuits. They’d give the outfit just the right amount of flashy to make it stunning. A multi-layered silver or gold necklace is the perfect addition for a graphic shirt tucked in a black mini skirt. A little black dress is always the best choice for any occasion, so when you think about embellishments, go for either a pair of sparkly earrings or a pendant necklace.

Raquel Welch earrings
Raquel Welch shows how to be elegant with a minimum of jewellery

Match the Colours

You should never make your jewellery compete with the outfit. Therefore, try to match the colours of your necklace, earrings or bracelet with those of your ensemble. If you’re wearing a pair of red pumps with your jeans, and shirt, make sure to include red earring or a red necklace into an entire ensemble. It’ll really make you look staggering.

Silver necklace worn by a red haired woman
Complimentary silver necklace ehances casual elegance

Additionally, if you can’t decide which colour of the jewellery to wear with the colour of your top, or a dress, remember the colour wheel. The colours that are opposite of each other, as yellow and blue, would look amazing when matched together. Furthermore, if you prefer simple shades, neutrals as black and white would always be the good combination.

Raquel Welch in a matching outfit
Smart elegance with gold and silver jewellery and a combination
ensemble, worn by Raquel Welch, the actress.

Adding jewellery to your outfit is the great way to create a unique ensemble. However, you must know which pieces can be matched together and with what clothes. Therefore, consider the previous suggestions, because they’ll help you to create the ultimate look for any occasion. You’ll never have to worry about looking too flashy or too simple.

Matching jewellery with busy outfits
When your style is bold and flashy, you can choose a variety
of jewellery
 and unusual outfits, for a busy yet strangely
complimentary look.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons


A guest post by Diana Smith, a full-time mom and freelance writer.

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