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Golden Eye Diamond Seized

Seizure of a rare 43-carat diamond set for auction

OHIO, U.S.A. - 11. August 2011 - An Ohio businessman convicted of money laundering and known for his involvement in Tae Bo total body fitness, was found in possession of a rare 43-carat yellow diamond, in an undercover action by the US Marshals Service back in 2007.

The diamond was confiscated by the Department of Justice, after Paul Mone, the businessman in question, was unable to provide clear evidence of how he came into the possession of the diamond.

In addition to the diamond, Mr Mone was also involved in an attempt to sell a mansion, owned by Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion.

To be sold on auction by Marshals Services

This flawless diamond is known as the Golden Eye. (No, it's nothing to do with the famous James Bond 1995 movie with Pierce Brosnan!?)

It will be sold on an online auction by the Marshals Service on September 6th. A minimum bid will be set for $900,000.

According to DOJ, proceeds from this auction will be used to compensate victims. to support community programs and for law enforcement initiatives.

Yellow cushion cut diamond, held by tweezers
Not the actual Golden Eye diamond, but if you wish to purchase a
yellow diamond, go to our Diamonds page, or click on the above image.

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