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Blue Moon Diamond Sold

The 12.03-carat blue diamond sold for $48.4m

GENEVA - 12. November 2015 - At a Sotheby's auction the Blue Moon diamond was sold to a Hong Kong tycoon, who bought it for his daughter. The diamond fetched a record $48.4 million price.

Consequently, the tycoon is renaming the diamond into "Blue Moon Josephine", after his 7-year old daughter's name. He's already purchased two diamonds for his daughter, making this a third one.

Earlier on he bought a 16.08-carat pink diamond at Christie's for $28.5m, renaming it "Sweet Josephine".

In 2009 he bought a 7.03-carat blue diamond, paying a record 9.5m for it. The diamond was then renamed "Star of Josephine", after his daughter's name.

Blue Moon diamond was found in Africa

The Blue Moon diamond was found in Africa in 2014 and it's admired for its flawlessness. Colored diamonds are rare in nature and are often not vivid or clear.

It was named Blue Moon for its rarity, as in a common expression "once in a blue moon", meaning it happens very rarely.

The $48.4 million is a record price paid for a diamond to date. In 2010, also in Geneva, a 24.78-carat pink diamond attracted $46.2 million price at an auction. The diamond was named the Graff Pink.

An illustration of a blue diamond
Colored diamonds are rarely found in nature and often are not clear,
unlike the Blue Moon diamond which is flawless. (Image by

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