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Diamonds Through History

A Brief Introduction to History of Diamonds

Rich in myths and folklore, as it is in physical facts and records, history of diamonds varies greatly, depending on your source of information and documentation.

Diamonds history is one filled with mythical stories, such as one where snakes guarded a land full of diamonds, and the history has fascinated people with the romance and beauty that surrounds our most precious gemstones - diamonds.

The value of diamonds shifted throughout the history, from mythical and health purpose to that for their overall worth, as we recognize it today.

India's History of Diamonds

The first ever diamonds history was recorded around 3,000 years ago in the country of India. If diamonds had been found prior to this period of time, we have no written record of it. Diamonds in this day and age were used for two main purposes, and is quite different from why we still love diamonds today. These precious stones stood as a talisman in order to fend off evil spirits, and to provide protection during battles, and they were also valued because of their ability to reflect the light.

A person enjoying a view from a religious temple in India

The earliest discovery of diamonds is believed to have happened
around 3 millenniums ago in India, as a recorded event.

Dark Ages of Diamonds History

It is during the dark ages that the diamonds moved into having some sort of medical purpose. St Hildegarde was said to have written an anecdote to heal wounds and cure illnesses that instructed the sick to hold a diamond in their hand and make the sign of the cross. Some people went as far as swallowing diamonds, hoping it would cure their illnesses magically.

Middle Ages of Diamonds History

It was during the middle ages that diamonds began to gain popularity. It is at this point in history that many of the famous diamonds were discovered, including the Blue Hope, and the mountain of light, both found in India. In our current times, India remains the worlds finest polishers of diamonds.

The middle ages also saw a shift in people's attitude towards diamonds. Where previously diamonds were valued based on their mythical powers, they began to be valued more for their overall worth. As more people learned of the incredible value of diamonds, mine owners began circulating stories that diamonds were poisonous, to prevent the workers from swallowing diamonds as a means to smuggle them out of the mines undetected.

South Africa's Diamonds

Also during this period in history of diamonds, people wanted diamonds more than any other time period previously, mostly because they recognized their power and worth. India's diamond supply was dwindling and was unable to meet demands of diamond buyers. South Africa's find of diamonds near the Orange River began the world's largest diamond rush of diamonds history, and helped satisfy the demands of those wanting diamonds for themselves.

More Recent Diamond History

Diamond mining began to spread into eastern Australia sometime during the middle of the nineteenth century. During the late 1970's, Australia as a diamond producer became validated. Also in the late 1970's, 1979 to be exact, the Argyle pipe near Lake Argyle was discovered by geologists. Since that day, Argyle has become the absolute largest producer of diamonds in all the world and throughout the history, producing over one third of the diamond volume each year.

Today diamonds are valued both for their intrinsic beauty and their investment value.

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