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Diamond Brands Meaning

What You Need to Know About Branding Diamonds

Although you might have been led to believe otherwise, diamonds are one of the few products that simply cannot be ‘branded.’ Even though there are different cuts, different grades, and different values placed on each and every diamond in existence, no diamond is any specific brand – just as gold is not a specific brand. One cannot brand nature's own product.

What diamond brands mean

Branding is actually based on who owns the diamond. For instance, if DeBeers owns the diamond, it is a DeBeers Diamond – but it is still just a diamond. If the diamond was cut by a specific well known cutter, then it might be branded in that way as well – but it usually isn’t. It is still branded based on who owns it at the time. So basically, when it comes down to it – diamond brands mean absolutely nothing at all.

Gold bracelet with silver earrings
Branding of diamonds is usually based on famous jewellers'
own brand names.

Branding diamonds

Despite that however, branding diamonds in the jewely marketplace is becoming more common, as different diamond companies - jewelers and retailers - attempt to create a diamonds brand recognition. Such new diamonds branding is usually based on new diamond cuts that are branded, or on creating new variations of traditional diamond cuts. Therefore, new diamond brands are created mostly for marketing purposes, even if such diamond branding doesn't increase the true value of a diamond.

Among the best known diamond brands, other than DeBeers are Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Blue Nile, Bvlgari, Ashford, Jame Allen, and many others. You will notice that these are actually jewelry stores, which also sell other highly praised and highly priced fashion goods.

Diamonds are not branded

Do not allow a jeweler to try to talk you into paying an exorbitant price on a diamond just because it is a specific brand. This is a bit of trickery used by unscrupulous jewelers when they know that they are dealing with people who don’t know much about diamonds. Remember that diamonds are not actually branded – the mother nature has her own brand that fits all!

Nonetheless, some people might choose to pay more for a "branded" diamond, purely for estethical purpose. As with anything else in life, beauty lies in the eye of beholder, especially if that beuty happens to have a well known barnd attached to it. High fashion and jewelry is all about brands, after all. But if you're looking for a diamond with a true, intrinsic (investment) value, then branding diamonds will not mean all that much.

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