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Artificial Diamonds Difference

Can you tell the difference between Artificial and Mined Diamonds?

Diamond is girl's best friend and buying the perfect diamond ring should not be a problem. Any kind of diamond ring will be fine, as long as the diamond on the ring is big.

Naturally some people feel that artificial diamonds or man made diamonds are different and therefore they feel that the quality of such diamonds will suffer because of this. In reality, there's nothing to fear because an artificial or man made diamond is still chemically the same as a mined diamond.

Cheaper alternative to natural diamonds

In fact it can be very hard for people to tell the difference between an artificial diamond and a mined diamond. This can create problems for many people because at the end of the day if you are going to treat someone to a diamond ring then you are going to want the real thing and nothing artificial. While it is unlikely that artificial diamond rings will replace mined diamond rings there still remains the fact that these man made diamonds are still much cheaper then their mined counterparts.

Man-made or artificial diamonds
Synthetic or artificial diamonds are hard to distinguish from the real, mined diamonds. But they're much cheaper. (Pic: Wikimedia Commons)

All diamond rings look nice

Diamonds do look nice on a ring and because it is very hard to tell the difference from artificial diamonds to real diamonds. This means that any ring with a diamond, be it a natural or a man made one, can look very nice. It also adds more value to the ring.

Diamonds can also withstand high temperatures, whether they're artificial diamonds or mined diamonds. A diamond can withstand temperatures between 900°C and 1100°C (from 1652°F to 2012°F). When it gets hotter then that the diamond will vaporize, because it's a pure carbon.

Diamonds are perfect jewellery

Diamonds can be made to fit into almost anything. For example, man made diamonds can be made small enough so that they can be made into earrings, pendants, cufflinks and even bracelets. The possibilities that you have with diamonds are almost endless, whether they're artificial diamonds or mined diamonds. They can be made to fit into anything. Visit any jeweller and just see all the diamonds that they have on display. These will range from earrings to engagement and wedding rings.

Of course diamonds do not come cheap and if you want to purchase a piece of jewellery that contains diamonds then you will have to pay a pretty penny, or a big buck.

Diamonds are without a doubt a beautiful piece of jewellery to look at and cherish forever. If you are lucky enough to own a piece of jewellery with a diamond in it then you will usually only wear it for a special party. Just so you can see your friends admire your stunning piece of diamond jewellery.

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