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  Looking to buy Diamonds for investment? We are in contact with a fully licensed
supplier of wholesale diamonds, connected to all major diamond centres worldwide.
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Buy loose diamonds online

At our online store you can purchase loose diamonds, or choose to have them placed into an engagement or wedding ring setting of your selected ring design. Choose the shape of your colourless diamond, or select fancy colour diamonds, further below.

These diamonds are currently unavailable, as we work to make arrangements with another supplier.

  Sample inventory of loose diamonds available to buy
0.73 carat asscher cut diamond

Assher cut diamond

0.73 carat, excellent cut, F colour, VS1 clarity

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1.73 carat cushion cut diamond

Cushion cut diamond

1.73 carat, excellent cut, E colour, VS1 clarity

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1.51 carat emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut diamond

1.51 carat, excellent cut, E colour, Sl1 clarity

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2.03 carat Heart cut diamond

Heart cut diamond

2.03 carat, excellent cut, H colour, Sl1 clarity

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1.02 carat marquise cut diamond

Marquise cut diamond

1.02 carat, excellent cut, G colour, Sl2 clarity

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0.72 carat oval cut diamond

Oval cut diamond

0.72 carat, excellent cut, G colour, WS clarity

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0.62 carat pear cut diamond

Pear cut diamond

0.62 carat, excellent cut, D colour, IF clarity

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3.17 carat princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond

3.17 carat, excellent cut, J colour, VS1 clarity

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1.01 carat radiant cut diamond

Radiant cut diamond

1.01 carat, excellent cut, H colour, VS2 clarity

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0.73 carat round cut diamond

Round cut diamond

0.73 carat, very good cut, E colour, Sl1 clarity

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  Sample inventory of fancy colour diamonds available to buy
0.30 carat green-blue diamond

Green-blue cushion cut diamond

0.30 carat, very good cut, green-blue, VS2 clarity

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5.21 Carat yellow cushion diamond

Yellow cushion cut diamond

5.21 carat, very good cut, yellow colour, Sl1 clarity

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Our online store contains tens of thousands of loose diamonds available for purchase, of many different shapes and sizes. The above is just a small sample, which will be gradually increased in the ensuing weeks.

With GIA diamond grading reports