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Diamonds Buying Advice

Tips to help you make an informed choice in diamond buy

How do you buy a diamond? What do you need to know before making a purchase? What do you need to know about diamonds? (see guide) How do you make your selection? What you should look for in a diamond in terms of value? What diamond quality criteria to use?

We will attempt here to answers these and other questions for you in the ensuing articles. More to come...

   Tips and Advice when Buying Diamonds

Buying Diamonds on a Budget

Buying Diamonds on a Budget

Being among the most expensive items to buy, diamonds require a healthy budget. But with some smart tips, you get a great diamond for spending less money that's still beautiful.

Guide to the 4Cs of Diamonds

Guide to the 4Cs of Diamonds

For element that's only an allotropic form of carbon, diamond represents a rarity that's been very much sought-after throughout the ages. Learn what makes them so valuable.

Diamond Places

Places to Buy Diamonds

Today diamond shoppers have a vast choices of places where to buy diamonds. From the standard jewelry stores, to diamond brokers and online diamond sellers.

Tips for Choosing Diamonds

Tips for Choosing Diamonds

Most of diamonds available now are estimated to be at least 900 million years old. But when you are choosing diamonds to buy, you will want to know their real 4C value.

What to Know About Diamonds

What to Know About Diamonds

As the most valuable of the precious stones, diamonds have been valued by many cultures and people for their intrinsic beauty, symbol status, and timeless quality.

Diamonds are rare

Diamond is one of the rare and most expensive stones found in nature, which makes it desirable and valuable. Diamonds are always great pieces of extreme value to treasure throughout the life. They provide glittering shine and lavishness in style when worn, or just to be possessed and admired in private, as a store of unique value.

The value and worth of a diamond is calculated on the basis of its clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Once you learn to discern each one of these 4C's of a diamond (with the help from the above articles), it will become easier to choose a right and perfect diamond that reflects its charm and beauty brilliantly.

Educate yourself about diamonds

Who should you trust when buying diamonds? Bring along someone you know, who has had experience in buying diamonds. Then look at many diamond places, both online and at jewellery stores. Ask questions and listen carefully what's being said. Learn to discern between sale pitch and actual, useful information and facts.

Holding a clear cut diamond with two fingers
Diamonds are extremely valuable precious gemstones,
but you have to know what makes them valuable and
how to assess their real value before buying them.
 (Image: Pixabay)

See also our Guide to Diamonds, as well as the above articles, to learn about diamonds, where they come from, how they're valued and which diamond certificates are best.

There is a huge variety of diamonds available on the market. Each one is unique and beautiful, but very different in their 4 C's: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. So, you have to evaluate each diamond carefully and make your choice in accordance to your taste and of course money.

We trust that the above information will be helpful and used as a starting point for your informed search for the right diamond. Keep in mind that you should do your homework thoroughly before you ever part with any money and always deal with a reputable jeweler or diamond dealer.